The idea of CLIK came as there was a gap in the makers market. We wanted to automate our homes, yet most commercial devices were way to expensive or weren't as capable as we wanted for them to be. First logical thing for us to do was to try and hack our home to make it more automated. We were using various ESP8266 development boards, but all failed at something. Was it short WiFi range, big size, lack of proper power supply or switching element. It was almost impossible to implement custom DIY home automation. Thus CLIK was born.
We developed a board with possibility of external antenna for extra long range, efficient power supply and switching element - latch relay, and most importantly very small package and price. Also, there is a possibility of extending its capabilities by adding Capacitive touch, Ambient pressure and temperature or even a Gesture and ambient light shields we developed.

In summer 2017, we decided to crowdfund our device to make it more available to makers around the world. It comes preprogrammed, but with Developer kit everyone receives additional Programmer and User manual including example codes with step by step learning. Also, free video tutorials will be available on online video platforms. We would appreciate your support of our Indiegogo campaign and hope you can help us reach all those facing similar problems we were having before we had CLIK!