We are definitely doing this to try something new, to gain some new experience and friends. It feels like we need to contribute to society, and this is our way of doing it: with our youthful, competitive and innovative ideas.
The frontmen of our group from our group from his earliest years has innovative ideas which he gladly shares with others. His ideas attracted attention at various international competitions and exhibitions and were also fairly rewarded. At the beginning of 2017. he decided to gather hard-working people who are willing to try something new and to help him with this very useful and applicable idea. And here we are 🙂
As the project developed, it became more difficult for us to do everything in time. That’s when the rest of the team joined. We are based in Croatia, small country with great minds, and all attend college in STEM areas. Some are better at programming, others at electronics or management. The key to our success is the great cooperation and hard work. And we like to see it pay off