Controllable Lighting Integration Kit (or simply CLIK) is open-source, open-hardware, Arduino compatible and Web based smart home device. It is specifically designed to be a rugged, reliable device to use with smartphones or smart assistants over Wi-Fi network.


Automate everything around the house. Exactly how it’s supposed to be.


CLIK is designed to be small and easy to use. However you want to use it.


We belive that reliability is the most important vitrue of our devices. They work, it’s that simple!

Power efficient

It can be powered directly from mains power or from USB power source. The selection of the right components and effective design was crucial to make it power efficient.


The whole sistem works over your home wireless network. There is no need for new wires or additional units, it works as it is!

Arduino compatible

CLIK is based on ESP8266 microcontroller – making it easy to program it as you seem fit! Arduino platform is perfect for beginners, and starting with CLIK is especially easy with our online multimedia tutorials!

The team